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Daniel’s Story

It Takes All of Us: Financial Empowerment is Community Work Getting a handle on personal finances is a challenge, especially for those of us, like… Read More

Reese’s Story

Reese*, a mother of two, first took out a payday loan to stay on top of her bills while waiting for her first paycheck from… Read More

Blake’s Story

For Blake*, a lifetime in and out of prisons, hospitals, and other institutions was threaded together by a history of substance abuse. Blake recalled going… Read More

Reuben’s Story

Following retirement from a forty-year teaching career and his wife’s death, Reuben found himself turning to payday loans for their convenience.* “It’s an easy, quick… Read More

Chelsea’s Story

We recently reached out to our participants and recent graduates in order to invite them to a participant-led listening session. There was much excitement from… Read More

Anaiah’s Story

For Anaiah,* everything seemed to cave in following the death of several close family members. Emotionally drained, she struggled to keep up with bills and… Read More

Andrea’s Story

In my 43 years of life, there are only a handful of moments where I can recall the details of the conflict in my heart,… Read More

Anne’s Story

When Anne’s* son lost his job, she wanted to give him a helping hand. Her income didn’t have much wiggle room, so she… Read More

Isabella’s Story

Isabella* was caught in the precarious financial position of supporting both her children and her extended family. Then, she was hit hard following a minor… Read More

Sandy’s Story

No matter how many hours Sandy* worked, her paycheck was never enough to cover housing, groceries, and car maintenance. Every time she turned… Read More