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Anne’s Story

By Kaitlyn Szabo March 22, 2019

When Anne’s* son lost his job, she wanted to give him a helping hand. Her income didn’t have much wiggle room, so she took out a payday loan. She planned on paying it off quickly, but interest and fees soon piled up.


“The interest rates, they’re over 300%! You’re so desperate that you do it because you don’t see other options. But you can’t keep it up.”


Anne rolled her payday loan over – month after month after month – spending hundreds of dollars on the accumulating fees. There was no end in sight until she found Exodus Lending. “It was a great blessing… there was an end date.”

After enrolling with our program, she felt relieved and grateful. Exodus Lending gave her the ability to think clearly and critically about her money, all while providing her needed relief to get back on her feet.

I got a mindset that [a payday loan] is not an option… [I]t set up a mindset for me that it was “here are your bills, this is what you pay first, this is what’s left, and no matter how much help your son might need this is all you have.”


*Name has been changed for confidentiality