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Managing Food Expenses

We all have to eat, right? For many of us, food can be a source of great joy because it can nourish our bodies and souls,… Read More

April 2022 Update

Let’s Build Financial Capability in Minnesota April is National Financial Capability Month! Exodus Lending is committed to strengthening Minnesotans’ financial capacity by eliminating their predatory… Read More

March 2022 Update

Our Advocacy Efforts in the Sahan Journal We’re thrilled to share this op-ed in the Sahan Journal by our executive director, Anne Leland Clark. In… Read More

Credit Card Basics

Credit cards are authorized lines of credit offered by banks or other financial institutions. By paying with a credit card (instead of with cash… Read More

Daniel’s Story

It Takes All of Us: Financial Empowerment is Community Work Getting a handle on personal finances is a challenge, especially for those of us, like… Read More

February 2022 Update

How We Stop the Predatory Loan Cycle Lenders providing predatory payday, auto title, or installment loans design their products to keep borrowers in a cycle… Read More

Resources and Financial Tips for Families

One of the scariest parts of making money decisions is knowing that your actions impact not just yourself but also the family members for whom… Read More

January 2022 Update

Introducing our Next Executive Director Exodus Lending is excited to announce that, effective February 7th, 2022, Anne Leland Clark will be our Executive Director.  Anne… Read More

Protect Your Finances During an Emergency

It is often overwhelming and hard to see a way out of the mess when life hits you with a truly unexpected emergency. That’s why… Read More

Paying Bills

Staying on top of bills is an ongoing challenge for many. When we asked our program participants why they took out a payday loan, nearly… Read More