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Efforts in Clay County to Fight Payday Loans

In Clay County, Moorhead City Councilwoman Heidi Durand says it’s certainly time to STOP allowing payday loans with triple-digit interest rates. Read More

COVID-19 Update and Resources

IMPORTANT PROGRAM UPDATE FOR CURRENT PARTICIPANTS Before we dive into helpful resources, here is an important message for our current program participants. In light of… Read More

March 2020 COVID-19 Update

Donate to support vulnerable Minnesotans through this crisis. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and its implications, we wanted to share… Read More

March 2020 Update

Learning from Our Participants Last month, we hosted our first listening session with program participants, with the hopes of learning how to improve our current… Read More

Chelsea’s Story

We recently reached out to our participants and recent graduates in order to invite them to a participant-led listening session. There was much excitement from… Read More

50/30/20 Budget

The 50/30/20 budget breaks down all your expenses into three broad categories: needs, wants, and savings. For budgeting beginners or those looking to avoid tracking… Read More

February 2020 Update

Payday Lending in Minnesota Payday lending should be illegal. That’s what we’ve been preaching for years. Why? Because lenders intentionally design their products to trap… Read More

How to Improve Your Credit

While limited credit access is a systemic issue, it is still important that individuals take small steps whenever possible to improve their credit. Here… Read More

January 2020 Update

2019 Growth Thank you for helping make 2019 a huge success! This time last year, our team set a lofty goal to help 150 Minnesotans,… Read More

Talking with Family and Friends about Money

At Exodus Lending, we believe in the power of story-telling. Sharing your story is compelling – even if it’s a little scary. But talking about… Read More