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Updating Contact Information

At the risk of stating the obvious, you should do your best to update your information whenever your information changes. Updating your contact information for… Read More

Family-Friendly Money Tools

What do you remember learning about money as a child? If you’re like most Americans polled earlier this year, you believe that financial… Read More

Savings Programs

Whether in a shoebox or a designated account, there are many places to stash your personal savings. The problem might be finding the extra cash,… Read More

Saving Money on Gasoline

Although most of us don’t need someone to tell us prices have been increasing, decades-high inflation has been discussed frequently in the news lately. Read More

Financial Coaching

With today’s increasing costs and the loss of COVID financial support, many of us are finding it harder to live within a budget, let alone… Read More

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is the act of resolving delinquency with a creditor for less than the amount owed through a large lump-sum payment. The main… Read More

Managing Food Expenses

We all have to eat, right? For many of us, food can be a source of great joy because it can nourish our bodies and souls,… Read More

Credit Card Basics

Credit cards are authorized lines of credit offered by banks or other financial institutions. By paying with a credit card (instead of with cash… Read More