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Updating Contact Information

By Kaitlyn Szabo March 9, 2023

At the risk of stating the obvious, you should do your best to update your information whenever your information changes. Updating your contact information for your frequently used services helps ensure you don’t miss important payments, bills, notices, or reminders that directly impact your day-to-day life. Examples of when to update your contacts include when you change your name, get a new phone number, or update your e-mail address. 

But perhaps the most common is when you move and need to update your mailing address. And here’s the thing: moving is already a pain. To help you keep track of all the various places you’ll need to update your information, here is a “change of address” checklist.

Change of Address Checklist

Heavily influenced by this list from MyMove.com, here is a list for you to work through. But first thing first: be sure to verify you have the correct mailing address. Once you have that, do the following:

How Can I Protect My Personal Information?

Always use secured methods of updating your contact information, such as working through a secured website or messaging form, or calling customer service directly. Scammers may try to contact you unsolicited and ask for you to provide personal information. Here are general healthy habits to practice when online or on the phone:

  • Do not respond to calls, texts, or other messages from unknown or suspicious numbers.
  • Hover over the hyperlink to verify that it is secure (look for it to start with HTTPS).
  • Be cautious if you feel pressured to give information or are required to make a payment.

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