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The Exodus Lending Resiliency Loan

re·sil·ience | the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties

We are committed to Fair Lending

At Exodus Lending, we push for people-powered systems change via grassroots organizing and advocacy. We strive to model the dignified, fair lending services everyone deserves. Our Resiliency Loan is a pilot program that we hope to one day expand; to be eligible for the loan, you must be working with and referred by a financial counselor at one of our partner organizations.

For Our Referral Partners

Organizational Partners Referral Form

If you are an existing organizational partner and have a client you wish to refer for Exodus Lending's Resiliency loan, fill out this form.

Become an Organizational Partner

We are always looking for Minnesota organizations to become our partners in this work. If you think your company may be a good fit, fill out this form.