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Sandy’s Story

By anika August 29, 2018

No matter how many hours Sandy* worked, her paycheck was never enough to cover housing, groceries, and car maintenance. Every time she turned around it was “car repairs, car repairs, then more car repairs.” Keeping up with the bills and everyday expenses was a constant struggle, so she took out her first payday loan. Although it was a small amount, seemingly enough to make ends meet, payday lending is a trap. Sandy paid off the payday loan but was still short several hundred dollars needed to pay her bills. She was forced to take out another payday loan, and another, and another. Re-borrowing became a pattern. After almost two years in the payday loan debt trap, Sandy had paid over $500 dollars in interest and fees – more than the amount that she needed to borrow in the first place!

Now that Sandy has found Exodus Lending she is free from the payday loan debt trap.  After enrolling in our program, Sandy proclaimed, “Thanks again for helping me break this cycle!” We’re overjoyed to be working with her, and are happy to see that she feels the same way.


*Name has been changed for confidentiality