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Find updates about our work, and inspiring stories straight from the individuals and families that have found financial freedom through Exodus Lending.

South Dakota shares the Exodus Lending story

Exodus Lending executive director, Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer, is quoted in an article entitled After ending payday lending, group looks for alternatives” in Sioux Falls newspaper, the Argus Leader.  Sara is scheduled to speak at the Sioux Falls event A Faith-Based Response to the New Lending Crisis on September 28th… Read More

Healthy Food on a Budget

Healthy Food on a Budget Meal Planning Before hitting the market be sure to have a plan, a shopping list, and a full stomach. Here are some things you can do before shopping to save time, energy, and money: Spend 15-20 minutes planning a week’s worth of evening meals Check what you already have and… Read More

Preparing to Buy a Home

Preparing for Homeownership If you’ve been wanting to buy a home, now is a great time to start thinking strategically about how to make that dream a reality. Before purchasing a home, it is important to understand why you want to pursue this step. Ask yourself: What are my long-term goals? Why do I want… Read More

Credit Reports and Credit Scores

Credit Reports and Credit Scores Learn the difference between credit reports & credit scores, how each are created, and how to build & maintain good credit scores. Credit Reports A credit report is a statement of your credit activity, including credit cards, loans, some unpaid medical bills, debt collections, and certain public record entries (e.g. foreclosures)… Read More

Budget-Friendly Activities

There is plenty of fun to be had right in our backyards or not too far down the road. Here are some ideas for how to enjoy yourself while staying within your budget. Get Outside! Local Parks and Outdoor Activities Once the snow (finally) melts, get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine with… Read More

April 2018 Update

At Exodus Lending, our program participants are the guiding force behind our work. Their stories of struggle with payday loan debt infuriate us. Their tales of triumph when they eliminate this debt through our program inspire us. We hope you too feel inspired by them, so on this frustratingly chilly April day, here is program… Read More



Our Mission

Exodus Lending provides trapped payday borrowers a just pathway to financial stability.

Our Values

We seek lasting change for the individual, for financial institutions, and for society at large.

We desire a strong relationship with our clients and with community partners who further our shared goals.

We aim for clarity with our clients and donors every step of the way.

Faith-Rooted Action
We are people of faith who believe that the work of liberation is central to the traditions we embody.


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