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Student Loan Forgiveness

Qualified borrowers may be eligible for student loan forgiveness, meaning they would no longer be obligated to repay part or all of their remaining… Read More

2020 Fundraiser Thank You

Thank you! Together, we surpassed our goal. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: our work is only possible because of individual donors. Read More

2020 Fundraiser Last Call

Our aching hearts are filled with gratitude. Today, and always, we are grateful to be in community with you. Thank you for sharing what you… Read More

2020 Fundraiser Launch

With heavy yet hopeful hearts, welcome. It is a bittersweet morning for our team at Exodus Lending. Today, we launch our virtual fundraiser, Ctrl+Alt+Del… Read More

Emergency Budget

Survival. That’s the simple goal for anyone experiencing an emergency or personal crisis. Emergencies, including financial ones, push people into survival mode. But how can… Read More

2020 Fundraiser Update

Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe this bone-deep ache. We are crushed with sadness due to senseless police behavior and years and years of violent… Read More

May 2020 Update

Big News: Our COVID-19 Response Efforts This era of #StayHomeMN (and the slow move toward #StaySafeMN) is always uncertain, occasionally unnerving, and seemingly unending. Read More

Annual Report 2019

Exodus Lending’s full Annual Report can be downloaded by following this hyperlink: Annual Report from 2019. 2019 Annual Report by Anika Riewe on… Read More

Nick Scheibel

Nick Scheibel Joined the Board of Directors in 2018 I began my career working in philanthropy, joining the Minneapolis Foundation in 2005, eventually serving as… Read More