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What is Payday Lending?

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The Deep Roots of the Racial Wealth Gap—and How We Undo It

Ericka Taylor discusses centuries of extraction and misguided notions about bootstraps and financial literacy as the sole "solutions" and what's required for real change.

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We Have No Idea: The Hidden History of Our Credit System

The Hidden History of Our Credit System: The podcast "We Have No Idea" discusses the racial history of the U.S. credit system.

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Bad with Money with Gaby Dunn: Financial Trauma with Chloe B. McKenzie

Wealth justice activist Chloe B. McKenzie joins the Bad with Money Podcast to talk mental & emotional health, financial trauma, & how to heal from long-term economic violence.

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How the Other Half Banks and The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap.

Law professor Mehrsa Baradaran uses the history of black banking as a vehicle for exploring the origins and persistence of the racial wealth gap in America.

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"Why It's More Expensive to be Poor"

Join Philip Olson and Julia Lorenz-Olson in another "Two Cents" video where they walk through the financial systems, hidden costs, fees, and predatory products (including payday loans!) that make it more expensive to be poor!

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The Hidden Expenses Of Poverty: Check Cashing, Payday Lending, & Other Scams

Ryan and Julia, the hosts of the podcast "Too Good To Be True" dive into the shady world of companies that prey on the poor -- often by charging them just to access their own money.

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