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Practicing Self-Care

By Kaitlyn Szabo August 6, 2021

Self-care is any action done to consciously preserve one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This definition is purposely broad because self-care looks and feels different to everyone. 

Although some people may think self-care means buying fancy skincare products or going on expensive shopping sprees, according to psychotherapist Kathleen Dahlen deVos; “…spending excessive money or funds we don’t have in the name of ‘self-care’ can actually be distressing, destructive and work against our mental and emotional wellbeing.” However, practicing self-care can help you be more productive and less stressed when done intentionally and mindfully. 

Self-Care Activities

Here are some cost-effective, low-stress physical, mental, and financial self-care activities to help you practice self-care without breaking the bank.

  • Get Active. Exercise doesn’t have to be as costly as a gym membership. There are many workout lessons available for free on YouTube for a variety of ability and experience levels. If you want to get outdoors, check out one of the thousands of public-use parks, trails, and beaches in Minnesota.
  • Journal. Writing in a journal can help you practice mindfulness by creating space to reflect and process your emotions. Many journaling prompts are available online (like these focusing on self-discovery, self-love, or managing stress and anxiety) to help you get started.
  • Take a Nap or Short Break. Recent studies have shown that short naps (20 minutes or so) in the afternoon can be beneficial for our mental clarity, motivation, and overall mood. If you need a reminder to rest and recharge, follow The Nap Ministry on your preferred social media platform.
  • Make a Budget. Yes, really! Financial self-care and practicing money mindfulness can provide you with peace of mind in the long run. For help getting started, check out our previous blog posts on budgeting and specific methods like the 50/30/20 approach or emergency budgets.

How to Add Self-Care to Your Routine

Just as it doesn’t have to be expensive, self-care shouldn’t be a burden. You can incorporate self-care into your daily life by adding in a short activity or modify an existing habit to be more mindful.

  • Add one new activity to your routine. 
    • Follow along with a Youtube yoga routine in the morning.
    • Take a short walk around the block before or after work. 
    • Journal every night before bed. 
  • Switch up your existing habits to be more engaging and fun. 
    • Learn new dance moves to bust out during your favorite song.
    • Switch up your walking route or visit a new park.
    • Add a visual board to your goal tracking, such as a savings chart for an upcoming purchase.

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