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March 2018 Update

By Kaitlyn Szabo March 15, 2018

To Moorhead and beyond!
Visits to St. Paul and Moorhead
From the capitol to the suburbs to northern Minnesota, our Executive Director, Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer, has seemingly been everywhere spreading the word about Exodus Lending- and that’s just in this last week!
On Tuesday, Sara spoke to members of the House of Representatives’ Job Growth and Energy Affordability Policy and Finance committee about our program’s success and how we’re using state funding (along with continued support from donors) to expand throughout Minnesota.
On Wednesday, Sara spoke to the Optimists in Bloomington very early in the day and then drove to Moorhead to put our strategic expansion plan into action. Over the course of several days, she met with professors, city council members, social service representatives, immigrant leaders, pastors, and other community members in Clay County. By learning directly from the community there about how payday lending affects them, we can better reach potential participants and let them know there is a way out of the trap!
Finally, Sara returned to the Twin Cities to join Exodus Lending board members for a full “retreat” day on Saturday to continue discussing our work and making plans to grow. The energy of the board is inspiring and helps ground our work – especially after a whirlwind week of travel.
Partnering with Slalom
Exodus Lending is enjoying a new partnership with Slalom, a national consulting firm with a local office. Slalom is volunteering services to help us grow and we are incredibly grateful for all of their pro bono support. Our board, staff, and several key stakeholders have met with members of the Slalom team. Together, we have developed a “journey map” to better understand the experience of persons who come to Exodus Lending for help. We will continue working with Slalom to improve our website and to develop materials to reach more participants.
Are you a Thrivent member?
If you are, we’ve got a request that won’t cost you a penny, but would help us with dollars!  All Thrivent members are allowed to recommend where Thrivent Choice dollars are spent to do good work. Please direct YOUR Thrivent Choice dollars to Exodus Lending before they expire on March 31st.
Go to or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” to find out if you have 2017 Choice Dollars to direct or to make a Choice Dollars direction. It’ll only take about two minutes of your time to select Exodus Lending as the recipient of the funds that you oversee and again, it’s free!  Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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