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2020 Fundraiser Last Call

By Kaitlyn Szabo June 19, 2020

Our aching hearts are filled with gratitude.

Today, and always, we are grateful to be in community with you. Thank you for sharing what you have, when you can, with countless organizations throughout our state this week. It is humbling that many of you have included us in your generosity. 

Today is the final day of our fundraiser, and we are so close to raising $36,000. While we have postponed today’s originally scheduled live event with the Theater of Public Policy (new date still to be determined), we encourage you to visit our fundraiser page to check out any of the videos you may have missed throughout the week and give if you are able.

Since our earliest days, we have always counted on our neighbors to support us. We remain as grateful now for your support as we were then. And whether you’ve been with us for years or learned about us recently, please know this: Exodus Lending is ONLY able to help Minnesotans break free from predatory debt because of generous donors who give because they, like us, refuse to tolerate economic injustice.

Your contribution directly helps Minnesotans like Andrea break free from debt and find a renewed sense of hope. As she says,

“There’s something super powerful about people who barely know you, see you, and say, ‘You deserve more.’ That exact empowerment was handed to me, and it changed my life.”

Learn more about Andrea’s story with Exodus Lending in this short video.

CNN’s Courageous Studios, in partnership with MassMutual, captured perfectly the power of hope with this inspiring video about Andrea, one of our program graduates.

Together, we have come a long way. And, together still, as the fight for justice in 2020 continues, we have quite a long way to go.

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