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Financial Education and Consumer Protection

By Kaitlyn Szabo November 10, 2017

Learn about Personal Finance

Financial literacy is about having the knowledge and skills to effectively manage your available financial resources. At Exodus Lending, we believe this means knowing how to navigate your personal finances and understanding the broader context that impacts your financial situation. Knowledge is power: strengthen your personal finances and advocate for yourself as a consumer today!

Take a Class – Online or In-person!

Typical courses cover many topics, including budgeting, establishing savings, tackling personal debt, and preparing for retirement. Many websites offer free, interactive courses, including:

  • – “Financial Literacy” and “Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debt”
  • – “The Core Four of Personal Finance” and “Personal Finance 101”

Additionally, there are in-person classes or counseling services offered by many local community centers, places of worship, and other organizations. Here are a few:

Understand your Consumer Rights!

Being financially literate is not a substitute for federal and state protections against deceptive practices and/or predatory financial services. You have a right to safety, information, and choice. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) handles many consumer complaints and create protections for consumers. They recently released new rules for the payday loan industry, which you can read here.

Use your Voice!

Advocate for yourself, your family, and your community. Please share your experience with Exodus Lending’s program with people you feel may need our help, so that we can reach more Minnesotans impacted by payday loans. Sharing not only your own struggles with payday loan debt, but your triumphs and financial accomplishments can be empowering and fulfilling. Together, we can take control of our finances.
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