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Energy Efficiency and Weatherization

By Kaitlyn Szabo November 3, 2020

If you’d like to bring down your utility bills and make your home more environmentally friendly, it’s essential to think about your home’s energy efficiency. 

Energy efficiency generally refers to how well something uses energy. The home uses energy in many different ways, such as heating and cooling. In other words, the more efficiently your home can heat and cool itself, the more money you’ll save on bills. In tandem with the strategic budgeting of utilities using the budget billing technique, improving energy efficiency can help you save money this winter.

Furthermore, one way to make your home more efficient is through a process called weatherization. Weatherization is the practice of protecting one’s home from the elements and increasing energy efficiency. It can be incredibly beneficial to you and your family because you can:

  • Save Money. Lack of proper insulation can lead to cold air coming in and heat moving out. Improved insulation can help you keep hot air in and save you money on your heating bill. 
  • Protect Your Home. If your home doesn’t have proper ventilation, moisture can stay inside, potentially leading to mold and structural damage. 
  • Reduce Environmental Impact. Weatherization makes your home less damaging to the environment. 

Weatherization in Action

If you would like to try a few do-it-yourself (DIY) weatherization projects in your home. For example, here are some ideas from the Energy Resource Center in Colorado

Of course, if you are unable or uncomfortable with doing home improvement projects yourself, service providers can assist you. There also are options available to make weatherization more economically viable. For example, the Minnesota Department of Commerce offers programs to help Minnesotans save energy and money, including: 

If you need assistance beyond weatherizing your home, check out these additional financial resources.

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