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2020 Fundraiser Update

By Kaitlyn Szabo May 29, 2020

Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe this bone-deep ache. We are crushed with sadness due to senseless police behavior and years and years of violent mistreatment of our neighbors of color. George Floyd should be here. His life mattered and he should be here. 

George Floyd is not alone in being a victim of police brutality. His family is not alone in their grief at such a painful loss. His story is both uniquely his and all too familiar in this state and country, where “Black Lives Matter” is seen as a controversial hashtag instead of a simple statement of fact.

In the midst of a global pandemic, no less, our world continues to be rattled. We may be living in “unprecedented times,” but these results are entirely predictable. There is nothing unprecedented about historic injustices disproportionately impacting people of color.

South Minneapolis is not a battleground. It is a home. It is our home. Although our office has since moved to St. Paul, our roots will always run deep in this neighborhood. Our heartache is profound and personal, as we watch our streets burst with rightful rage and agonizing pain. 

No, South Minneapolis isn’t a battlefield, but that doesn’t mean our people are powerless. Far from it. This community never hesitates to stand up for its neighbors.  Exodus Lending exists because South Minneapolis residents saw an injustice and decided to act.

We exist because of this community. We exist for this community and we will continue to strive every day to serve not only this neighborhood but the entire state of Minnesota with an unwavering, all-encompassing commitment to fighting injustice of all kinds. 

Predatory lending is both a racial justice issue and an economic one. We have always carried this core belief in everything we do as an organization. At the same time, we recognize that ever-evolving injustice requires us to be nimble and responsive. 

With that in mind and after careful deliberation, our team has decided to go ahead with our virtual fundraiser, Ctrl+Alt+Del Debt, as scheduled but with revisions that reflect recent events, for next week, June 1st through 5th. Our goal, with your help, is to raise $36,000 so that we can continue helping Minnesotans break free from predatory loan debt.

Right now, our city, state, and nation are in desperate need of a reboot. A restart. A radical reimagining of reality. If only it were as simple as pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Instead, we will reformat our programming to create a virtual space to reflect on this moment, recognize our important work as Exodus Lending, and to reimagine a truly just world.

In addition to asking for your contribution to Exodus Lending, we ask that you stay connected with organizations fighting for justice on the ground in South Minneapolis by following or contributing financially if you’re able to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, CTUL, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, or another local group. Please follow their guidance as the situation evolves, as we trust they can best direct you to other organizations if needed. 

We hope you will still join us next week. If not, please stay safe and strong. Despite the hurt, we will do what we can in our fight for justice. We’re South Minneapolis-bred after all; justice work is in our bones. We stand with you.