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The Payday Loan Problem

Payday lending’s predatory and toxic impact on our communities can be equated to a modern form of slavery. According to research, the average family in payday debt are trapped in revolving payday debt for at least 5 months out of the year. This cycle hinders individual financial well-being as well as deters them from pursuing any financial future outside of paying off debt.

Monthly APR = 450%

On average, borrowers pay over 4x the amount on their payday loan, in interest.

1 in 20 Americans

According to a 2012 Pew survey, millions of Americans had payday loan debt.

Our Success


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I’ve had paychecks where I wasn’t in the hole already. It’s quite enlightening. It’s giving me hope and has just lifted a great deal off of my shoulders.

We are glad to pay back the loan in order to allow Exodus Lending to offer a loan to someone else who needs one.

I smile a little more. I’m a little bit happier. I walk with a lighter step. I hold my head up a little higher. Everyday is a brighter day.