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Sola Olateju

By anika February 19, 2021

Sola Olateju

Joined the Board of Directors in 2021

Minnesota born & bred, I am the youngest child of Nigerian immigrants. I come from a Christian faith background and was raised to see the inherent worth in each and every person. Today, my faith is still integral to who I am. I care deeply about all people in my life, people I interact with and the community around me. I strive to use my gifts and talents to uplift and empower my family, friends and community. Growing up, I have known wealth and poverty. I am a former program participant and my life has been blessed by numerous opportunities, of which Exodus Lending is one of the latest. Since participating in Exodus Lending’s program, my life and finances have improved tremendously. I have been working in the Commercial Insurance industry for the last few years, and I’m excited to bring my knowledge of business to help enrich the efficacy and reach of Exodus Lending.

I got involved with Exodus Lending when I was searching for loan options online. I was caught in a cycle of debt and needed help getting out. Exodus Lending was a miracle for me–it works tangibly to improve the life of those in need by helping establish financial stability. I have experienced the immediate relief in stress and worry and I hope to further the reach and impact of the organization for years to come!

Who is one person who inspires you and why?

I am inspired by my pastor, Charlie Dates. He and the church are working to meet the needs of his community by creating counseling centers, giving out food, getting laptops for kids working remote, etc. I am inspired because he encourages the church to do everything in excellence, and give freely out of love for others and love for God. That’s how I strive to live my life!