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Share Your Payday Loan Story

Have you ever used a payday loan?
Do you know someone who has?
Have you ever worked in the payday loan industry?
Does your organization serve people who have had a payday loan?

Tens of thousands of people across the state of Minnesota use payday loans when they are not able to make ends meet or experience financial hardship. Many of those borrowers have found their experience to be much different than they had hoped. Minnesotans for Fair Lending is leading a campaign that will cap the interest rate on payday loans at 36% APR. The stories you share will help us demonstrate to lawmakers the real-life impacts these loans have on Minnesotans and their families and friends.

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Using the prompts below, type out your story in your own words. It may be helpful to write your story in a document and then paste it into this window.

Use these prompts to help get your creative juices flowing!

› How would you describe your experience in five words or fewer?
› How were you going to use the money that you borrowed?
› What information were you given when you took out the loan?
› What other options did you consider?
› How much money did you borrow?
› How many loans did you take out?
› How long did it take you to pay it off?
› How much did you pay back in total?
› How did you feel as a result of your payday loan experience?
› As you think about your payday loan experience, what specific changes would you make to the payday loan industry, if any?

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Examples of Payday Loan Stories


Brian's Video

Check out our Youtube Video that highlights Brian and Tammy's experience with Payday Loans.

"The crisis may be right now, today, but going into something like
[ a payday loan], you're gonna be in a crisis for a whole long time..."
- Dana, Participant


Our Blog

Several times a year we share a story on our blog that highlights one of our particpants.