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Sarah Schoolcraft

By anika January 8, 2020

Sarah Schoolcraft

Joined the Board of Directors in 2018

I grew up in Vermont and often miss the green mountains!  My brother patiently and enthusiastically worked to get myself and my parents to move out to Minnesota and we are all here now.  It has been incredible to live near my family again. 

Until recently, my of my career was at international NGOs and I’m now at a tech startup based here in Minneapolis.  My roles have all been involved with People Operations and I enjoy being an employee experience advocate the most. Figuring out what’s not working well and what’s working well for our employees and making improvements based on that feedback.

I first learned about Exodus Lending at the second annual fundraising event at Du Nord.   I knew Anna Brelje and was interested in learning more about this organization she had co-founded.  Before the event, I looked online to learn more about Exodus Lending and the work being done. I had not known a lot about payday lending previously and was thrilled to hear about the work Exodus Lending was doing to intervene and create a better path and option.  The fundraising event solidified my interest and it seemed like a no-brainer to become involved in giving to this work. Since then, I have shared about Exodus Lending with many friends and family. It’s easy to talk about because it’s filling a very clear need. A lot of people can connect to the struggle of dealing with finances on various levels, so it’s not a big leap to see how much of an impact this work can have on people’s lives.