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Join us on July 25th at our annual fundraiser, Route 36%, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at PAIKKA to sneak a glance in the rearview to where we have been, stop and enjoy the view of where we are now, and dream about our next big adventure before we go on the road again.

Exodus Lending Seeks Board and
Committee Members!

Exodus Lending is committed to helping financially stressed individuals build assets and avoid high-interest, serial payday borrowing – through an innovative lending program that refinances predatory loans, charging no interest or fees.
Exodus Lending also advocates for a 36% interest rate cap on small-dollar loans both at the state and federal levels. 

We are seeking creative, entrepreneurial leaders who have experience in, or a passion for, working in diverse communities to join our board or a committee of the board.

Exodus Lending is committed to a board and committee body that reflects and celebrates the many diverse voices of Minnesota. Women, leaders of color and indigenous leaders, Greater Minnesota residents, and people from varied socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
  • You are a strong applicant if you have one or more of the following characteristics:

    • Are a financial wiz and want to use your skills to help grow our program so it better serves under-resourced communities;

    • Enjoy working in the nonprofit or small business sectors;

    • Are an IT specialist and would be excited to share your wisdom and skills for a stronger, more secure organization;

    • Enjoy marketing and have a solid background in digital strategy, brand development, or promotion;

    • Have graduated from our program as a participant or have been trapped in predatory debt;

    • Live outside of the Twin Cities metro and would enjoy helping us think through strategies to better serve and relate to people in Greater Minnesota.

  • Shared Board Responsibilities:

    • Financial Compliance: Approve the annual budget and any significant changes made to the budget during the year. Monitor cash flow, and ensure that an audit of the organization’s finances is conducted when appropriate.

    • Legal Issues: Ensure that the organization is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Ensure that there are adequate risk management procedures, including the personnel policies for the organization.

    • Personnel Issues: Hire, supervise and evaluate the Executive Director, develop and approve personnel policies for the organization.

    • Communication/Promotion: Ensure that the organization has a communications plan that is effective in the many communities throughout the state. Promote the organization whenever possible through business and personal contacts.

    • Resource Development: Ensure that the organization has adequate resources for its programs and operations. Raise funds for the organization from foundation, corporate and individual sources. Introduce friends and colleagues to Exodus Lending. Plan and implement fundraising events.

    • Program Review and Development: Ensure monitoring and assessment of existing programs and provide programmatic guidance and develop strategic direction for programs that respond to the needs of the community.

    • Board Development: Monitor the work of the board on a regular basis and put processes in place to recruit new board members.

  • Expectations of Board Members:

    • Demonstrate commitment to upholding the mission of the organization.

    • Possess a willingness to leverage personal and professional networks on behalf of the organization’s mission.

    • Act as an ambassador and cheerleader for Exodus Lending.

    • Give financially to the organization, a gift that is significant for each person.

    • Actively participate in at least 5 of the 6 (every other month) board meetings per year, as well as participate in committee meetings as needed in the months when the board doesn’t meet

    • Attend at least 2 events each year (fundraisers, presentations, community meetings, etc.)

    • Participate in at least one board committee or task force, as needed (see below for the committee list).

  • Exodus Lending's Four Committees:

    • Executive Committee

    • Finance Committee

    • Development/External Affairs Committee

    • Program/Strategy Committee

    Ad hoc committees are created as needed.

  • Expectations of Committee Members:

    • Demonstrate commitment to upholding the mission of the organization.

    • Possess a willingness to leverage personal and professional networks on behalf of the organization’s mission.

    • Act as an ambassador and cheerleader for Exodus Lending.

    • Activity participate in committee meetings (6-12 meetings per year).

Would You Like to Join Us?

  • Compensation to help with costs associated to attend board or committee meetings can be made available if needed (such as transportation, childcare, etc.). We are also committed to using technology such as video and conference calling methods to assist in board/committee member activities.

  • If interested, contact Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer, Executive Director ([email protected])
    or Eric Howard, Board President ([email protected]).