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Nick Scheibel

By anika May 6, 2020

Nick Scheibel

Joined the Board of Directors in 2018

I began my career working in philanthropy, joining the Minneapolis Foundation in 2005, eventually serving as a Philanthropic Advisor advising families and institutions on complex charitable gifts. After 10 years in the philanthropic sector, I left in 2016 to start a new career as a financial advisor.

Working as an advisor to high net worth families, I have been able to help people obtain large loans at favorable terms. Rates are low, collateral requirements are generous, and repayment schedules are flexible. When I got acquainted with Exodus Lending, I learned of the predatory and punitive nature of the payday loans being made at the other end of the credit spectrum. I am honored to have to opportunity to volunteer my time to the only organization in Minnesota that is taking on this problem head-on.