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Exciting news!

By Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer February 2, 2017

We’ve surpassed the 100 mark!

Exodus Lending has now refinanced the loans of 101 persons trapped by payday loans and look forward to helping others soon.  A few more statistics:

  • The total number of participants who have repaid their loans in full and have “graduated” from Exodus Lending:  41 (and growing each month!)
  • Total number of loans refinanced:  139
  • Total amount refinanced:  $67,065
  • The average refinanced amount per participant:  $664
  • The average payday loan APR participants were paying before coming to Exodus Lending:  425%
  • The amount of fees and interest paid to Exodus Lending: $0
  • Total amount saved for participants (in 12 months): $284,955

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