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Eric Howard

By anika November 13, 2019

Eric Howard

Joined the Board of Directors in 2016

An Arizona native, I moved to Minnesota to work in nonprofit communications, digital marketing, and community organizing for racial and economic justice. At home I enjoy art, playing music, and teaching my dog new tricks.

The founders of Exodus Lending are fellow churchgoers at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Minneapolis. Through them, I heard the story of how Exodus Lending came to life, and I heard the hopes and dreams of what it could become. It was their energy and passion that brought me to the board; it’s participant stories of healing that keep me inspired; it’s the advocacy work that grounds my belief that tomorrow will be different for people facing economic hardships.

Who is one person who inspires you and why?

Martin Luther King Jr. 

His dream continues to inspire movements around the globe. I reflect on his prophetic words and imagination in my work for racial and economic justice.