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Deb’s Story

By sara November 14, 2017

Fifteen years ago, Deb took out her first payday loan. At that time, she was able to repay and move on. After a recent medical emergency, she once again turned to payday loans. But this time was different.
The payday loan brought a flicker of financial relief, but that spark faded fast as she quickly realized she was unable to pay it back. Deb was stuck paying roughly $500 a month in interest and fees.
One choice made in desperation led to prolonged feelings of stress, anxiety, and hopelessness. “I was so, so deep in, I couldn’t see out.”
Overwhelmed, Deb confided in her friends. With their encouragement, she took steps to regain control of her finances, including enrolling in Exodus Lending. After joining Exodus, she once again felt relief. Yet, this flicker did not burn out. It sparked a flame and lit up a pathway out of payday loan debt.
“I’ve had paychecks where I wasn’t in the hole already. And it’s quite enlightening. It’s giving me hope and it has just lifted a great deal off of my shoulders.”
Deb is in control now, not the payday lenders. “I can now make choices, whereas before it was taken out of my hands,” With this reclaimed control, she is choosing to build up her emergency fund to prepare for the unexpected. “If somewhere down the road I do run into medical expenses, I have a resource. Up until now, I had not.”
After refinancing with Exodus, Deb feels empowered. “It has helped my self-esteem. I’m taking responsibility. I’m taking the steps necessary to move forward. I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, and so now I do see that.”

“I smile a little more. I’m a little bit happier. I walk with a lighter step. I hold my head up a little higher. Everyday is a brighter day.”