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Freedom From The Debt Trap

Short term loans and high interest rates have long been a problem for some people in South Dakota, as well as others across the country. Many are rallying to call on their local legislators to cap payday interest rates at an affordable rate. Now, a Minneapolis church is joining that fight. Monthly bills were piling… Read More

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Exodus Lending is Open For Business!

When payday lenders opened up in their Minneapolis neighborhood, Holy Trinity Lutheran church got concerned. More importantly, they got educated and they got active. Holy Trinity has been working with JRLC and Minnesotans for Fair Lending to bring attention to the debt trap of payday lending and seek stronger regulation of the predatory industry. Seeking… Read More

Tyren’s Story

Tyren McGruder, center, is grateful for financial help from Exodus Lending. He is shown with Meghan Olsen Biebighauser, Exodus’ (former) interim director, and Adam Rao, its founding director, now an MBA student at the University of Minnesota. Tyren McGruder, a working-class single dad, has emerged from the debt trap of payday loans thanks to Holy… Read More

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Sarah’s Story

One missed payment of $200 became $400 plus late fees. That’s the reality that Sarah K. quickly had to grapple with after taking out her first payday loan. When Sarah came to Exodus Lending she had been in the payday loan cycle for about a year.  There was no big crisis in her life but she reported that because… Read More

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Brian & Tammie’s Story

“Your wife has a broken neck,” those are the terrible words Brian F. was confronted with the day his wife got into a serious car accident. Up until that moment, Brian and his wife Tammie had shared all their financial responsibilities together. They bought a house together and they paid house payments and all other bills together… Read More



Our Mission

Exodus Lending provides trapped payday borrowers a just pathway to financial stability.

Our Values

We seek lasting change for the individual, for financial institutions, and for society at large.

We desire a strong relationship with our clients and with community partners who further our shared goals.

We aim for clarity with our clients and donors every step of the way.

Faith-Rooted Action
We are people of faith who believe that the work of liberation is central to the traditions we embody.


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