Our tested program offers referrals to financial counseling, incentives for savings and support through relationship building.*

Freedom through refinancing.

We pay off predatory payday loans and program participants pay us back, with NO INTEREST and NO FEES, over the course of a year, instead of having to pay it back all at once.

Education through relationship.

As part of the program, participants receive financial counseling as well as the support and relational accountability of our program manager, who helps them stay motivated as they make progress to tackling their debt, creating a budget, and increasing their financial understanding.

Stability through savings.

If our participants would like help establishing a savings account, we’ll be there to help and encourage them in the savings goals they set with their financial counselors.   As a reward for paying back their loan, attending financial counseling and meeting certain savings goals, Exodus Lending will contribute money to their savings account, helping our participants to build up some savings in order to weather the next financial hurdle, without turning to a predatory product.  

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Trapped in debt, but not payday lending debt?

We focus exclusively on Minnesotans seeking help with  payday lending debt. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find help. Learn more about help you can find with other nonprofit partners. Find help.

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Our Mission

Exodus Lending provides trapped payday borrowers a just pathway to financial stability.

Our Values

We seek lasting change for the individual, for financial institutions, and for society at large.

We desire a strong relationship with our clients and with community partners who further our shared goals.

We aim for clarity with our clients and donors every step of the way.

Faith-Rooted Action
We are people of faith who believe that the work of liberation is central to the traditions we embody.


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