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“Even though I worried that it would not be the best solution to my money problems, I took out a payday loan. I couldn’t actually afford to pay off the loan so I found myself taking out another loan in the same amount to pay off the first loan and its fees.  I never thought I would still be stuck in this payday cycle a year later, but there I was…”

- Sarah, Exodus Lending Graduate

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Our Mission

Exodus Lending provides trapped payday borrowers a just pathway to financial stability.

Our Values

We seek lasting change for the individual, for financial institutions, and for society at large.

We desire a strong relationship with our clients and with community partners who further our shared goals.

We aim for clarity with our clients and donors every step of the way.

Faith-Rooted Action
We are people of faith who believe that the work of liberation is central to the traditions we embody.


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