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One missed payment of $200 became $400 plus late fees. That’s the reality that Sarah K. quickly had to grapple with after taking out her first payday loan.

When Sarah came to Exodus Lending she had been in the payday loan cycle for about a year.  There was no big crisis in her life but she reported that because she lives on a limited income every payment is difficult.

“When you’re on a limited income it is so easy to get behind on normal living expenses,” she said. “If you miss one simple payment of $200 one month, for example, the next month you’ll owe not only that $200 but the regular $200, so it becomes $400 plus late fees! It’s a continual effort to cut spending and always trying to cut corners.”

Even though she worried about doing so and was nervous that it would not be the best solution to her money problems, she took out a payday loan about a year and a half ago. She couldn’t actually afford to pay off the loan so she found herself taking out another loan in the same amount to pay off the first loan and its fees. She reported, “I never thought I would still be stuck in this payday cycle a year later, but there I was.”

“Thanks to Exodus Lending for helping me get out of this frustrating cycle. Additionally, the financial counseling service you connected me to has been great! They have taught me a lot and I look forward to learning how to take care of more of my debt. It’s nice to help others when I pay my loan back, too.”
– Sarah K.

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