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“Your wife has a broken neck,” those are the terrible words Brian F. was confronted with the day his wife got into a serious car accident.

Up until that moment, Brian and his wife Tammie had shared all their financial responsibilities together. They bought a house together and they paid house payments and all other bills together, using both of their incomes. Things were going along okay, but that changed the fateful day Brian got the news that she had been in a car accident.

Suddenly, and unexpectedly, the payments for all of their regular bills, including the mortgage, became Brian’s responsibility alone because his wife was unable to work. Before long the bills got the best of him and he ended up going for a payday loan. In a short time, the cost of the payday loans proved too high and he could only pay the interest on the loans.

When Brian and his wife heard about Exodus Lending they were very wary of applying for the program. A no-interest loan without fees? It sounded like a hoax. Finally, they decided to find out more and after careful review, applied for a loan from Exodus Lending. The payday loan was paid off immediately, and a re-payment plan was set up so that they could pay back the amount owed on the loan over the course of 12 months, interest free.

Brian says, “We are glad to pay back the loan in order to allow Exodus Lending to offer a loan to someone else who needs one.”

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Your investment of $1,000 will transform someone’s life…and then keep going!

Each $1,000 donated covers the full cost of one individual in our program.

The best part? The majority of participants completely pay back their loan.

That means your donation will go on to help others find financial freedom. What an incredible gift.

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